What Should an Injured Passenger Do After an Uber Accident?

Ridesharing is a popular way to get to your destination quickly and affordably, unless you’re critically hurt due to the negligence of a driver in an Uber accident. Passengers in ridesharing vehicles do have rights, but you must be prepared to know how to proceed if you end up in an accident. Since these cases […] Read More

Auto Insurance – Insurance Coverage

The state of New Jersey requires all drivers to obtain personal injury protection coverage through an auto insurance provider, but it’s important to understand what type of coverage and rights you have in the event of an accident. When you sign up for insurance, carefully read your policy and look for the limits of your coverage. […] Read More

Dangers of Drowsy Driving

If you have recently been injured in a car accident that you believe is tied to another party’s drowsy driving, this could be a critical element of establishing liability so that you can recover as much compensation as you can for the injuries you have sustained. Unfortunately, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shares that drowsy […] Read More

Don’t Let Social Media Affect Your Case

In our modern digital age, it is increasingly accepted and even encouraged to share a wide range of personal information and opinions online. An individual’s online presence and digital footprint have become so significant that it’s often scrutinized by potential employers, colleges you’ve applied to, your insurance provider, marketing groups and even credit score agencies. […] Read More

The Most Dangerous Times To Drive

Statistically, August is the most dangerous month to drive according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The group also concludes that Saturday is the most dangerous day of the week. While many different issues contribute to road safety levels, the most impactful factor is the overall number of drivers on the road. Most motor […] Read More