Brain Injuries Caused by Negligence

Brain injuries are particularly traumatic for both victims and the victim’s loved ones. Head injuries can cause a host of problems that may or may not be apparent right away. Victims often mistakenly believe that they are aware of the extent of their injuries only to have more severe symptoms surface long after they have […] Read More

Maximizing Your Workers Compensation Claim

Work-related injuries can be devastating, life-changing and expensive. Prior to the passage of worker’s compensation laws, workers often suffered life threatening and catastrophic injuries without any type of recourse. Employees injured on the job had to prove that their employers had been negligent to be awarded any compensation, but proving a standard of care for […] Read More

Can a Personal Injury Case Be Reopened?

One commonly asked question about personal injury cases is whether a claim can be reopened after a settlement is reached. Unfortunately, many victims find that their injuries become more severe over time, that they lose more work than expected, or that they otherwise incur costs they didn’t account for in their original personal injury settlement. […] Read More

Talking on a Cell Phone While Driving: Is It Negligent?

Many states and cities ban texting while driving. Texting, as well as activities like searching an address book or music list or checking social media while driving, is commonly seen as negligence, or a failure to use due care while driving. While some locales likewise ban talking on a cell phone while driving, the question […] Read More

Use Elevators, Handrails, and Tunnels to Avoid Slip and Falls

The National Institute of Health reports that over 1.6 million older adults will require emergency room services due to fall-related injuries every year, and the likelihood of falling significantly increases as the weather gets colder. Winter-related slips and falls are one of the largest causes of work-related injuries. Colder weather causes ice to collect in […] Read More