Top 10 Things to Do Immediately Following a Car Accident

When you get behind the wheel of a car, or when you get into the passenger seat of a car driven by someone else, you understand that there are certain risks. The truth is that even the safest driver can be involved in an auto accident that results in catastrophic injuries. This is especially true […] Read More

Reasons To Need a Truck Accident Lawyer

As experienced motor vehicle accident attorneys, the staff at CourtLaw understands how devastating and confusing it is to be involved in a truck accident. To add insult to injury, truck accident victims are often dragged through a long process of fighting for their just compensation. You need an advocate that is competent and experienced in […] Read More

Teacher Dies in Unfortunate Biking Accident

In late June of 2017, a teacher was biking down a hill when she lost control of her bike, receiving fatal injuries. In Hawthorne, New Jersey, a school teacher was riding down one of her biking routes, when she began going a little too fast. As she was going down a steep hill, she realized […] Read More

Motorist Left Dead As Car Bursts in Flames

On route 80 westbound in Rockaway, NJ earlier in the month of July, a fiery accident took place leaving one man dead. A man was standing on the side of the road adjusting the bikes attached to his car. As he was fixing the bike, another car came flying down the road after having lost […] Read More

Finding Liability in Playground Injuries

Having your children playing on the playground is a double-edged sword at times. It’s hard to pass up seeing your children want to play outside and be healthy, while knowing the playground can be a place where they may end up injuring themselves. The question is, is it possible to find liability in playground injuries? […] Read More