Determining Liability for NJ Slip & Fall Lawsuits During Winter

New Jersey winters often bring snow, ice, and slush to roads, parking lots, and sidewalks. When snow and slush are tracked inside, they melt, producing puddles of water that can also become a slip and fall hazard. It may come as no surprise that slip and fall accidents in New Jersey are more common in […] Read More

Holiday Driving Safety

The Insurance Institute’s statistics report that New Year’s Eve is consistently reported to have the highest car crash fatalities every year between 1986 and 2002. According to experts, driving on holidays is much more dangerous than driving on other days because of the increased amount of traffic and a greater likelihood of alcohol-impaired drivers. Holidays greatly […] Read More

Liability In New Jersey Truck Accidents

When you have been injured in a serious truck accident, your health and recovery is your first concern. While you are focused on recovering from your injuries, police responders, trucking companies and insurance specialists are hard at work attempting to determine who and what was at fault in the accident. Determining causation is extremely important […] Read More

What Should an Injured Passenger Do After an Uber Accident?

Ridesharing is a popular way to get to your destination quickly and affordably, unless you’re critically hurt due to the negligence of a driver in an Uber accident. Passengers in ridesharing vehicles do have rights, but you must be prepared to know how to proceed if you end up in an accident. Since these cases […] Read More

Auto Insurance – Insurance Coverage

The state of New Jersey requires all drivers to obtain personal injury protection coverage through an auto insurance provider, but it’s important to understand what type of coverage and rights you have in the event of an accident. When you sign up for insurance, carefully read your policy and look for the limits of your coverage. […] Read More