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The idea of beginning a personal injury lawsuit in order to recover the compensation you need after an accident can be intimidating to say the least—especially if you’re considering the idea because the insurance company has failed to provide a fair and reasonable settlement award. Despite this, you shouldn’t have to make up the difference when the insurance company has failed to fully compensate you for your injuries and, in some cases, taking a more aggressive approach may be the only way to protect your financial future.

A personal injury lawsuit is a way for an injured accident victim to recover monetary compensation after sustaining injuries in an accident caused by another party’s carelessness. In many cases, even the threat of a lawsuit will be sufficient to motivate the insurance companies to take a more reasonable approach to negotiate a fair settlement package.

Injured In Clifton, NJ Due To A Negligent Person And Have Questions? We Can Help, Tell Us What Happened.

At CourtLaw, our dedicated team of Clifton personal injury lawyers realize that the stakes are high for our injured clients who are facing extensive medical bills and a potentially lengthy physical recovery—meaning time spent away from work. We work tirelessly to identify every available dollar in compensation that you may be entitled to receive and also act as a buffer between you and the insurance companies and defense lawyers—so that you can focus on getting well physically while we work on the financial aspects of your case.

Various Aspects of a Clifton Personal Injury Case

Accidents can take on any number of different forms. Whether you were injured in a motorcycle accident, crash with a huge tractor-trailer or even bitten by a neighbor’s dog, your personal injury case will proceed based upon a negligence theory of law. In other words, it will require proving that someone else acted carelessly and so caused your accident, injuries and damages. We handle all types of negligence-based personal injury cases, including those stemming from:

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Because insurance carriers often fail to deal fairly with inexperienced injured accident victims, an experienced personal injury lawyer who will advocate on your behalf can be a valuable asset to making sure you get full and fair compensation for your injuries.

Why Choose CourtLaw to Protect Your Rights After Sustaining Injuries in a Clifton, New Jersey Accident?

The fact is, you have a significant number of options to choose from when considering which personal injury lawyer to choose to protect your rights after an accident. So, how do you choose the best personal injury lawyer under the circumstances? We believe in taking a client-centric approach to our personal injury cases, and find that the following criteria are most relevant:

  • Knowledge and skill
  • Financial resources
  • Accessibility
  • Compassion

our firm founder and his law office staff, have represented myself and my family for matters where we have required an attorney. Karim and his firm have always obtained excellent results and compensation. I absolutely recommend anyone dealing with a personal injury case to work with this law firm.

I highly recommend CourtLaw to anyone who needs an excellent and caring attorney. He fights hard for his clients.

I am extremely satisfied with the work he has performed. In addition, his staff is professional, friendly and efficient. I highly recommend him to those seeking a good lawyer.


At CourtLaw, every one of our lawyers has the relevant legal knowledge and skill necessary to formulate the most compelling possible case for compensation for our clients. We have a collective 30-plus years’ worth of experience exclusively handling personal injury cases in Clifton and elsewhere in New Jersey, meaning that we know what it takes to succeed in this area of law. This means that we also have the financial resources necessary to pursue complex personal injury cases even if the claim cannot be amicably resolved quickly during negotiations—so that we don’t ever pressure our clients to settle for less than their case is worth.

More than this, we are sympathetic to our clients’ needs during a difficult period in their lives. When you choose CourtLaw, you can actually speak to your attorney about any questions that you have about your case, although we proactively seek to keep you informed every step of the way as we fight for your right to full compensation.

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If you or a loved one have sustained personal injuries in Clifton or elsewhere in New Jersey, the skilled personal injury lawyers at CourtLaw are here to help. We provide all of our clients with compassionate guidance while we aggressively advocate on your behalf to get the maximum amount of compensation possible in your case. Call us today, or fill out this online contact form, to schedule a free initial consultation so that we can assess your case.

About Clifton, NJ

Clifton is located in Passaic County, New Jersey, and has a population of about 85,845 as of 2016. Formerly named Acquackanonk Township, the newly renamed Clifton was formally incorporated in 1917. Clifton has been home to many notable movie and television scenes, as part of the movie Donnie Brasco and many scenes from The Sopranos were filed in Clifton. Clifton is located only ten miles from New York City and is also home to several distinct localities, including Dutch Hill, Montclair Heights and West Clifton.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Claims in Clifton, NJ

FAQ: What if I was injured in Clifton while I was working? Can I make a case for compensation based upon my personal injury?

You may have both a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury claim based upon your injuries. Workers’ compensation will generally prevent you from pursuing the personal injury case against your actual employer—but will not prevent you from pursuing a claim for compensation against the negligent third party whose actions actually caused your accident.

FAQ: What if I’ve already started taking steps to recover compensation from the insurance companies for my personal injuries?

This is common, and many of our clients come to us out of frustration—simply dealing with the insurance companies can be frustrating and that frustration is only exacerbated when they fail to provide a full settlement. We can take over where you left off. Once you retain our services, the insurance companies and defense attorneys will instead contact our lawyers so that you can focus on your recovery.

For over a decade, CourtLaw has represented me and my family on matters related to car accidents and personal injury cases. I am extremely satisfied with the work the firm has performed. In addition, the staff is professional, friendly, and efficient. I highly recommend Karim Arzadi to those seeking a good lawyer.
I am very pleased for the great legal support that CourtLaw has provided to me and my family throughout the years we have been clients of this firm. I highly recommend CourtLaw and their team of attorneys.
The entire staff at CourtLaw were supportive to me and my family and provided excellent representation in my car accident case from the beginning of the case to the successful settlement. I highly recommend Karim Arzadi to anyone who needs an excellent and caring attorney. He fights hard for his clients.

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