Drowsy Driving Accidents in NJ

What happens if a tired driver causes you to get into an accident? If a driver is tired, then could they be considered at-fault in a crash? How can you seek compensation after a drowsy driving accident in New Jersey, anyway? Get the answers to these important questions below. What’s Drowsy Driving? The National Highway […] Read More

Taxi Cab Accidents in NJ

Uber and Lyft services are all the rage nowadays, but it’s true that those big yellow taxis still exist in most major cities. There’s also a huge difference in the legal liability of a ride-sharing driver and a taxicab driver, too. Were you recently involved in a crash? If so, then you’re likely wondering — […] Read More

5 Potentially Liable Parties After a Car Crash

After you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident, everyone’s pointing fingers. Who or what caused your accident, and who is ultimately responsible for the financial losses you suffered as a result? Learn about five potentially liable parties after a car accident below. 1. The At-Fault Driver Most car accidents are caused by human error. If […] Read More

Overloaded, Overweight or Improperly Loaded Trucking Accidents

The average car weighs about 2,871 pounds. In contrast, a loaded truck weighs an average of 53,000 to 79,000 pounds. As you can imagine, the average vehicle is no match for a speeding truck if the two collide. The massive weight and size of trucks can lead to severe injuries after an accident. Sometimes, a […] Read More

Were You Injured in a NJ Bus-Related Crash?

When you board the bus or send your child on one, you expect that driver to remain vigilant behind the wheel. Bus drivers in New Jersey have a duty to reasonably care for the safety of their passengers, but bus-related accidents still continue to happen across the state all the time. If you or a […] Read More