NJ Resident Perishes in Motorcycle Crash

New Jersey is saddened to report that a resident has passed away following a recent motorcycle accident. According to federal statistics, bikers are nearly 35 times more likely to perish from a collision than motor vehicle drivers. Crash Flips Motorcycle, Kills NJ Resident On June 15, a collision on Route 47 killed a Middle Township […] Read More

More than 20 Injured in New Jersey Bus Accident

Residents of New Jersey are devastated to learn about a recent bus accident that left at least 20 people seeking treatment for their injuries. Five-Bus Crash in Medford Injures at Least 20 On July 16, five school buses were traveling together carrying dozens of children from a summer camp when they unexpectedly collided. While investigators […] Read More

Common Hazards New Jersey Construction Workers Face

If you’re from New Jersey, chances are you pass some sort of construction on your way to work. Whether it’s road repair or constructing new buildings, construction is a line of work that requires skill, expertise and most of all, safety. It’s not surprising that working within the construction industry is dangerous. From the operation […] Read More

Liability In New Jersey Car Accidents with a Borrowed Vehicle

Car owners need to understand liability laws when they decide to loan out their vehicle to prepare for the possibility that the borrower could be involved in an unforeseen car accident. Car Insurance In New Jersey It’s a common misconception that car insurance is attached to the driver who owns the policy rather than the […] Read More

Woman Hit By Speeding Cop Says Lights Were Not On

Police, firemen, and EMTs are first responders and need the right of way in order to effectively perform the duties of their job. They could be responding to an accident, a fire or a number of things that happen on a daily basis. This is why you are taught to pull to the side of […] Read More