Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Car Accidents

Did you know that the average person will be involved in a car accident once every 18 years or so? These statistics from industry experts show just how common these types of incidents are. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, you’re going to have questions. Even if this wasn’t your first accident, […] Read More

Can I File a Claim for a New Jersey Truck Accident?

Did you know that approximately 85 percent of all goods that come through the Port of New York and New Jersey are moved by truck? It’s true. The Port of New York and New Jersey is situated about 700 miles from major cities in the Northeast, meaning that trucks can access millions of consumers in […] Read More

Can You Sue Uber if They Get into an Accident?

Recently, Governor Murphy lifted the stay-at-home order that’s been in effect since mid-March. As such, New Jersey residents will be starting to resume normal life for the first time in months. And while Uber has still been in operation, this new order being lifted will undoubtedly result in more Uber transactions. With more cars on […] Read More

How Do I Know If I Have A Personal Injury Claim?

Accidents happen but not every accident results in a personal injury. So, what’s the difference between a regular injury and one that warrants a personal injury claim? A personal injury is one that is the direct result of someone’s negligence. A list of commonly asked questions about personal injury claims are below:  Do I Have […] Read More

Liability in New Jersey Car Accidents with a Borrowed Vehicle

Car owners need to understand liability laws when they decide to loan out their vehicle to prepare for the possibility that the borrower could be involved in an unforeseen car accident. Owners will want to make sure they are adequately protected from liability in the event the person they lend their vehicle to causes an […] Read More