Safety Tips Around Tractor Trailers

Anyone that has driven on a highway in New Jersey has had the unnerving experience of being right next to the wheels of a tractor trailer, in traffic, at 60 miles per hour. The size is frightening – and becomes even more frightening when you think that the only thing keeping you from being devoured […] Read More

Fatal Bus Crash in Parsippany on January 24, 2019

At 7:29 p.m. on January 24, 2019, the riders on a bus traveling east on Route 80 in Parsippany were texting, looking at social media sites, napping and excited to be most of the way to their destination. Tragically, at 7:30 pm, this changed in a blink of an eye. At that instant, their bus […] Read More

Suing for Emotional Distress in Construction Accidents in Camden, NJ

Emotional distress is one of the most difficult problems someone can encounter in life because they witnessed an extreme event that caused injury or even death to a loved one or someone else close to you. Emotional distress can be self-guilt, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and suicidal thoughts. The harm is typically caused by […] Read More

Aggressive Uber Driving Accidents in Newark, NJ

Aggressive driving is a dangerous activity that thousands of drivers partake in each time they hit the roads of New Jersey. It is an activity that can lead to road rage incidents, which could result in severe injury and even death. Aggressive driving is not limited to any type of driver, experience level, or type […] Read More

How To Spot A Reckless Driver in Newark, NJ

Reckless drivers poseĀ a significant risk of danger to others on the road. In fact, the United States Department of Transportation reported that, of the 47,402 car accident-related fatalities that occurred in the United States in 2016, 24,861 fatalities were due to the reckless driving exhibited by at least one of the parties involved in the […] Read More