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Sexual harassment in NJ workplaces, and in workplaces across the US, is a pervasive problem. Making matters worse is the fact many harassment victims have been unable to speak out against their harassers due to fear of retribution, including termination from their places of employment. The good news is that many women, and men, are now willing to come forward and seek justice for this type of behavior. In recent months, “Me Too” has become a rallying cry for people who have been sexually harassed – with more and more women announcing that they, too, have been victimized at work.

A victim of sexual harassment in the workplace may have grounds to pursue legal claims against their harasser and against their employer. Understanding the benefits of consulting directly with an experienced New Jersey sexual harassment attorney is important for your future because you need to take action promptly in order to protect your interests.

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Curbing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace by Holding Employers Accountable

You need someone who will vigorously represent you if you have been denied pay raises, promotion, or the opportunity to work because of discriminatory employment practices such as sexual harassment.

A New Jersey lawyer who is experienced with handling these kinds of workplace discrimination claims, such as sexual harassment, is vital for taking the necessary action. You may feel embarrassed or frustrated with sexual harassment in the workplace, but you can hold the relevant party accountable.

Every employer in New Jersey has a responsibility to provide training and information to employees about sexual harassment issues. Your workplace harassment lawyer will need to determine whether the employee handbook contained relevant information and whether the handbook was reviewed by the alleged harasser. Sexual harassment may lead to injuries, fear of stalking, or a hostile work environment.

Legal Help from a New Jersey Sexual Harassment Attorney You Can Trust

NJ sexual harassment cases involve complicated legal issues that require insight from an attorney. Unfortunately, sexual harassment is the leading type of workforce harassment and one of the primary causes of action against employers. No employee has to tolerate workplace sexual harassment or injuries associated with sexual harassment out of the workplace. Sexual harassment refers to conduct that is sexual, sexually motivated, or sexist and that creates an intimidating, abusive, or hostile work environment.

A sexual harasser in the workplace could be a supervisor, coworker, client, executive, or owner and the harassment can be female to male or same sex. Some common examples of sexual harassment include repeated requests for dates, demands for sex, sexual assault or groping, comments about your body, sexual jokes, stalking behavior, unwanted phone calls, texts or emails, or sexually suggestive images. Reporting and documenting these offensive behaviors may help to protect you in the event that you need to file a legal claim.

Consulting with an experienced New Jersey sexual harassment attorney should be your first step to curb this unwanted behavior. To learn more, contact CourtLaw for a free consultation. We are accessible and easy to talk to. Most importantly, we care about your case and will fight for you.

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