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Ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft provide convenient and valuable transportation options for the residents of Linden, whether traveling to work, school, or for a fun day or night out. Despite seeming like a safer option for travel, Uber and Lyft vehicles still get involved in motor vehicle accidents; when Uber/Lyft accidents result in injury or property damage to others, it can lead to complicated legal matters for those who have suffered injury and damage.

For more than 30 years, the personal injury lawyers of CourtLaw have dedicated their careers to helping injured victims obtain fair and full compensation for their injuries, damages, and pain and suffering. Since our firm focuses exclusively on personal injury matters, we have developed extensive and in-depth knowledge and experience in personal injury cases. We know what it takes to successfully pursue any type of case, no matter how complex. When you choose us to help you in your case, you will never be just another case. No matter how large or small your claim, we want to do whatever it takes to get you the resources you need to achieve a full recovery after your Uber/Lyft accident. 

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Liability for Uber/Lyft Accidents in Linden

With the increasing popularity and usage of rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft, in recent years New Jersey has established rules for liability for Uber/Lyft accidents to ensure that innocent accident victims are fully compensated for their injuries and damages. In particular, the law requires rideshare services to offer insurance coverage, depending on the circumstances at the time of the accident as follows:

  • The rideshare driver is logged into the mobile application and is awaiting a ride request: At least $50,000 per person/$100,000 per incident in bodily injury coverage, $25,000 in property damage coverage, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage in at least the minimum amounts normally required by law
  • The rideshare driver has accepted a ride request or is currently transporting a passenger: At least $1.5 million in bodily injury and property damage coverage, at least $10,000 in primary medical coverage, and at least $1.5 million in uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage

If the driver is not logged into the rideshare mobile application at the time of an accident, his or her own personal auto insurance policy would apply.

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CourtLaw Will Fight to Secure the Financial Recovery You Need and Deserve after an Uber/Lyft Accident

The Linden Uber/Lyft accident attorneys of CourtLaw are ready to put in the work necessary to ensure that you get the best possible outcome in your claim. When we go to work on your case, you can expect that our legal team will:

  • Investigate your accident to recover the evidence needed to help build your legal case
  • Collaborate with expert witnesses to help develop persuasive legal arguments to establish liability and the extent of your injuries and damages
  • Review the evidence in your case to identify liable parties and establish available sources of compensation such as insurance policies
  • Negotiate for fair and full compensation of your injuries and damages
  • Prepare your case to go to court, if it becomes necessary to give you the best opportunity for winning the financial recovery you need and deserve

You can trust that our attorneys will not rest until you and your family receive the monetary compensation you need and are entitled to.

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After you or a loved one have been injured through no fault of your own in an Uber/Lyft accident, you need experienced legal representation to ensure that you receive full and fair compensation for your damages from those who are legally accountable to you for your losses. Schedule a free, no-obligation initial consultation with a Linden Uber/Lyft accident attorney from CourtLaw today to go over the details of your accident and case and to learn more about your options for pursuing the maximum financial recovery you need and deserve.

About Linden, NJ

Linden is a city in Union County, New Jersey. A part of the New York metropolitan area, Linden was formed in 1925 from the combination of Linden Township and Linden Borough. Linden has had history of being an important manufacturing hub, including previously hosting a General Motors manufacturing plant and today serving as home to Merck & Co., one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Uber/Lyft Accidents in Linden, NJ

FAQ: Do I need an attorney to pursue an Uber/Lyft accident?

Although you are not required to have an attorney to file a claim with the insurance companies or to file suit in court against those responsible for your accident and injuries, you will likely quickly find that those parties liable to you for your damages will fight hard to avoid paying you the full and fair compensation you deserve. Having an experienced Uber/Lyft accident attorney representing your rights and interests will make the claim process go far more smoothly for you and also improve your chances at getting maximum compensation for your injuries and damages.

FAQ: How do I pay for my medical treatment expenses while waiting to resolve my Uber/Lyft accident claim?

Although the party responsible for causing your Uber/Lyft accident and injuries should be held accountable to pay you for the medical treatment costs you incur for your injuries, the reality is that it will take some time to secure that compensation, even though you need to undergo treatment now. However, if you have your own auto insurance policy, you may be able to cover some of these costs through the personal injury protection coverage under your own policy. You may also be able to seek coverage for your treatment through your own health insurance coverage.

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