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Ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft provide convenient and timesaving transportation alternatives for the residents of New Brunswick. Although riding in an Uber or Lyft is often seen as a safe way to travel, the reality is that Uber and Lyft vehicles can and do get into accidents. This can cause serious issues when a passenger or another person is injured by an Uber or Lyft vehicle.

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With over 30 years of experience, the seasoned attorneys of CourtLaw have dedicated their careers to helping injured accident victims recover fair and full compensation for their injuries and for the harm they have suffered. Our firm focuses exclusively on personal injury cases, so our attorneys have the legal knowledge and experience to expertly handle your Uber/Lyft accident case. Our team works hard to provide you with the focused, personalized attention that you and your case deserve. You are never just another case to us; we want to help guide you through the process of your claim so that you can focus on your recovery and on getting your life back to normal.

Contact our firm today for a no-cost case review to learn more about how having one of our New Brunswick Uber/Lyft accident lawyers handle your case can give you peace of mind and greatly improve your chances of getting maximum compensation for your injuries and damages.

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Steps to Take Following an Uber/Lyft Accident in New Brunswick

After you’ve been involved in an accident with an Uber or Lyft vehicle, you should remember to take the following steps. Doing so can help protect your legal rights and options and put you in the best position if you later need to file a claim for compensation due to your accident:

  • First, if you or someone else in the accident is injured or appears to be in distress, call 911 for emergency medical services. If nobody has been hurt, you should still contact the local police department to have an officer come to the scene to prepare an accident report. Be sure to get a copy of this report from the police department.
  • Next, get the contact, license, registration, and insurance information for each of the drivers involved in the accident. That way, you will know who to contact if you later need to make a claim for compensation against one or more of the drivers
  • If you were a passenger in an Uber or Lyft that was involved in an accident, you can also report the accident to the rideshare company through your mobile application
  • If safe to do so, try to take photos or video of the accident scene, including damage to the vehicles involved in the accident, the road lines and traffic controls at the scene, and the weather, lighting, traffic, and road conditions at the time of the crash. Photograph any visible injuries you have suffered as well
  • Even if you decline medical treatment at the accident scene, you should still follow up with your doctor or another medical provider for an examination to diagnose any injuries you may have suffered; it may take days or even weeks to feel pain or other symptoms of injuries, and the longer you take to identify your injuries the easier you make it for the other side to discount your injury claims

Finally, you should also be sure to speak to an experienced Uber/Lyft accident attorney about your legal rights and options for compensation and to learn more about the process of pursuing your claim.

CourtLaw Fights to Get Injured New Brunswick Uber/Lyft Accident Victims Get Financial Compensation

At CourtLaw, we understand that rideshare services are still rapidly developing. That is why our attorneys stay on top of the new laws and regulations constantly being introduced to govern rideshare services. Our firm leaves no stone unturned in working to get our clients the maximum compensation possible for their injuries and damages. We work tirelessly to thoroughly investigate the facts and circumstances of your accident, and we aggressively pursue compensation from all available sources, including Uber’s or Lyft’s insurance coverages.

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If you or a loved one have been injured in an Uber/Lyft accident in New Brunswick, you deserve to receive compensation for the damages you’ve incurred as a result of your injuries. Don’t let the opportunity to secure the maximum financial recovery you deserve slip by. Contact CourtLaw today to schedule a free, no-obligation initial case review with one of our New Brunswick Uber/Lyft accident attorneys to go over the details of your case and learn more about your legal rights and options for pursuing compensation and justice for your injuries and damages.

About New Brunswick, NJ

New Brunswick is a city in Middlesex County, New Jersey. Both the county seat for Middlesex County and the home of Rutgers University, New Brunswick is often called the “Healthcare City” due to the high concentration of medical and pharmaceutical facilities, including Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and the corporate headquarters or production facilities for Johnson & Johnson and Briston-Myers Squibb. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Uber/Lyft Accidents in New Brunswick, NJ

FAQ: Are Uber/Lyft drivers required to carry insurance?

Yes. Under a law passed in 2016, Uber and Lyft drivers are required to carry mandatory minimums of insurance. This insurance must be in effect when the driver is either logged into the rideshare application, or is picking up or transporting a passenger; different minimum coverage limits must be met for each scenario. This insurance is usually furnished through Uber or Lyft itself. If the driver is not logged into the application, then he or she is expected to meet the minimum insurance requirements expected of all drivers in New Jersey with his or her own personal auto insurance policy.

FAQ: What happens if another driver is at fault for the accident?

If another driver causes an accident with your Uber or Lyft vehicle, then that driver is primarily responsible for providing compensation for your injuries and damages. However, if you are a driver or passenger in an Uber or Lyft vehicle injured in an accident caused by another motorist, Uber’s and Lyft’s insurance policies also provide for uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, so you may be entitled to turn to the rideshare companies for compensation as well.

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