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Each year in the United States, 850,000 people need medical attention due to a dog bite, and 350,000 people are seen in the emergency room after a dog attack. In 2015, 35 people were killed by attacking dogs in the United States alone. Despite these numbers, dog owners sometimes have trouble understanding that their beloved canine might have a mean streak or dislike strangers to the point of attacking. They refuse to acknowledge that their dog could be frightened or startled by an unknown person’s behavior.

As difficult as it is to acknowledge the possibility of their dog attacking, dog owners have a responsibility under New Jersey law to keep people safe when the dog is present. If the dog bites or otherwise injures someone, the owner is strictly liable for the damage done by the pet.

Lawyers For Dog Bite Injuries

If you or your child suffer a dog bite, or your elderly relative was knocked over by a dog, you could be eligible for compensation. Dog bites can be disfiguring to the point where you might need multiple surgeries to repair the damage. That is why you will need the team of experienced personal injury lawyers at CourtLaw. The law is very clear: Dog owners are liable for injuries and damages caused by their pets.

Why You Need A Lawyer After A Dog Bite

The trauma and pain of a dog attack on you or someone you love can make it difficult or impossible to deal with the dog owner’s insurance company yourself. Furthermore, many dog owners don’t want to acknowledge that their beloved pet is capable of biting, maiming, or killing someone in an attack. Dog owners may resist filing a claim with their renter’s or homeowner’s insurance to compensate you for your medical bills and mental anguish. Our attorneys can intervene and show the owner of the dog that bit you that you’re serious about getting your medical bills paid and your lost wages returned to you.

In addition to facing resistance from the dog owner, people injured by dogs will also face resistance from the owner’s homeowner’s or renter’s insurance company. Insurance companies are not on your side. Rather, they are on the side of their employers, the insurance companies. Their job is to save the company money by denying, delaying or “losing” your claim. Insurance company lawyers have the same goal: protect the company’s bottom line by limiting the amount paid out to the injured. By hiring a lawyer from our New Jersey firm, you are leveling the playing field and giving yourself a better chance of obtaining the fair compensation you deserve.

Call Our New Jersey Lawyers After A Dog Attack

If you or someone you care about has been attacked by a dog, you need cash to pay medical bills and replace income lost from missed work. Contact CourtLaw today. We can help.

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