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Workplace accidents can result in the most serious kinds of injuries, especially when those accidents occur at construction sites that utilize heavy machinery and scaffolding. In the worst cases, a construction accident can result in permanent disability or even death. Even in the best-case scenario, you could be looking at multiple surgeries and a lengthy period of rehabilitation.

Moreover, while you physically recover and miss time from work, the medical bills can quickly pile up. You should not be on the hook for medical expenses that stem from a work-related injury, or that were caused by a motor vehicle accident or a slip & fall accident. You deserve a knowledgeable attorney on your side throughout the legal process – an attorney who will present a clear case for damages in your personal injury claim and argue on your behalf if the case goes to trial.

Accident victims need an experienced personal injury lawyer to fight for them. If you or a loved one was injured in an accident in East Orange, NJ or in one of the surrounding areas, CourtLaw can help you. Call us day or night to discuss your case.

East Orange NJ Personal Injury Lawyers Help Accident Victims Secure Monetary Compensation

CourtLaw consists of a skilled legal team of attorneys who have won millions of dollars on behalf of our clients in personal injury cases. Here are some of our primary practice areas:

In the aftermath of a serious accident your main priority should be to focus on your recovery in order to get better physically and emotionally. Let the experienced personal injury lawyers at CourtLaw take a look at the details of your case and handle the legal matters while you focus on what’s most important to you and your loved ones.

Why Should You Choose CourtLaw?

The skilled lawyers at CourtLaw have over 30 years of experience handling legal matters in New Jersey. During that time, we have won our clients millions of dollars in all types of accident claims, personal injury cases, and workers compensation claims. We know what it takes to successfully negotiate pre-trial settlements and we also know how to get the job done in the courtroom if the case reaches the trial stage. In fact, the CourtLaw legal team’s commitment to preparing every case for trial is well known by opposing litigators – and often prompts them to offer favorable settlements to our clients because they do not want to battle us in court.

Karim Arzadi is the founder of CourtLaw and specializes in handling personal injury claims for victims of negligence in East Orange and elsewhere in Essex County, NJ. Mr. Arzadi is an Attorney and Counselor of the Supreme Court of the United States of America, as well as a member of the Bars of the State of New Jersey and the Bar of the State of New York.

The other members of the legal team at CourtLaw have been certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as Civil Trial Attorneys, which signifies their excellence in litigation. Additionally, CourtLaw lawyers specialize in particular areas of personal injury law, including car accidents, slip & fall accidents, and Title 59 matters covered by the NJ Tort Claims Act.

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The NJ legal system has strict filing deadlines, which means that hesitating can potentially prove fatal to your case. Certain documents will need to be filed in a timely fashion if you want to win your personal injury claim and get compensation for your injuries. The East Orange personal injury lawyers at CourtLaw have years of experience protecting the rights of the injured in Essex County, New Jersey. Contact us today at our East Orange office to explore your legal options.

About the East Orange, NJ Area

East Orange is a city in Essex County, NJ. East Orange has a population of more than 64,200 people and a total area of around 3.9 square miles. The city is bordered by several other Essex County municipalities: Orange, South Orange, Newark, Bloomfield, and Glen Ridge. The five official wards of East Orange are Ampere, Doddtown, Elmwood, Greenwood, and Presidential Estates.

Two major highways – the Garden State Parkway (GSP) and Interstate 280 – intersect in East Orange. The GSP connects several towns in Essex County, running from Newark to Bloomfield. When a motorist is injured in an auto accident in East Orange, they often receive medical treatment at University Hospital in nearby Newark.

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