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Regardless of the type of accident in which you were involved, accidents that result in personal injury can take an immense toll on you, as the accident victim, as well as your family and financial security. Car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents and even slip and fall accidents can disrupt your life in many ways, as well as result in substantial medical expenses.

Injured In Paterson, NJ Due To A Negligent Person And Have Questions? We Can Help, Tell Us What Happened.

If the accident occurred because of someone else’s failure to act responsibly, you may be entitled to monetary compensation to compensate you for the additional expenses, as well as the physical and emotional suffering, that the injury has caused. This compensation includes all out-of-pocket expenses related to the injury, such as medical expenses and physical therapy costs, as well as compensation for the intangible pain and suffering, embarrassment and frustration caused by the accident.

At CourtLaw, our skilled personal injury lawyers have the legal knowledge and resources necessary to go to battle with large insurance companies, where the primary goal is often to reduce their actual financial payout to accident victims in Paterson. We vigorously pursue your right to compensation after an accident so that we can both help you recover financially and get one step closer to keeping Paterson and the surrounding communities safe. If you or a loved one have sustained injuries due to someone else’s negligence, contact us today so that we can provide you with a free initial assessment of your case and options for proceeding.

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Negligence Causes Many Personal Injuries in Paterson, NJ Accidents

The negligence of a third party causes many accidents that injure victims in Paterson and elsewhere in New Jersey. In legal terms, negligence is a concept that allows an accident victim to recover financial compensation from the negligent party via a personal injury case or insurance claim if the victim can prove:

  • The person owed the victim a duty of care (in other words, a duty to act responsibly or carefully),
  • The person breached that duty of care,
  • The breach caused the victim to suffer injuries,
  • As a result, the victim suffered damages.

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To establish these basic elements, our experienced lawyers evaluate all available evidence in your case to develop a compelling argument to support your right to full compensation. Available evidence may include:

  • Police reports
  • Medical reports
  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Statements made by other parties to the accident
  • Video surveillance and photographs
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Phone records
  • Past safety records

CourtLaw Personal Injury Lawyers Protect Paterson Accident Victims’ Rights Regardless of Accident Type

At CourtLaw, our skilled personal injury lawyers regularly battle the tactics employed by insurance companies to minimize their financial responsibility for your injuries both inside and outside of the courtroom. We maintain a specialized personal injury practice in Paterson, which means that personal injury cases are all that we handle. We represent clients who have been injured in:

Our over 30 years’ worth of combined experience practicing in the field of personal injury has allowed us to develop a robust knowledge of the law and how the personal injury system works in Paterson and elsewhere in New Jersey.

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While you may legally be entitled to compensation for your injuries, it is also important to remember that time limits exist that may prevent you from filing your claim if too much time has elapsed since your accident—making it important that you get the advice of an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Our team of personal injury lawyers are committed to maximizing the compensation to which you are entitled, so if you sustained injuries in an accident in Paterson, call us today or fill out this online contact form to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

About Paterson, NJ

Paterson is located in Passaic County, New Jersey, and has an estimated population of about 148,678 (as of 2017) and the second-largest Muslim population in the country. Nicknamed “Silk City” because of its history of producing a significant amount of silk, Paterson is also historically significant for its breweries, which closed after Prohibition. Downtown Paterson was rebuilt after a large-scale fire in 1902, and today boasts many Beaux-Arts style buildings. Paterson has recently begun to revitalize its several historical districts, including the Great Falls Historic District and the Eastside Park Historic District.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Claims in Paterson, NJ

FAQ: What if I sustained my personal injury in a car accident in Paterson, but the at-fault party does not have sufficient car insurance?

We handle cases involving clients injured in accidents where the at-fault party was uninsured or underinsured. Practically, the first step will be to file an insurance claim with your own insurance company. You may also have uninsured motorist coverage on your own insurance policy, which will provide additional compensation if your primary insurance is insufficient to cover all expenses. We can also help you pursue a personal injury lawsuit to recover additional compensation if necessary in your case.

FAQ: The insurance adjuster asked me to sign a release-statement and has offered to pay my medical expenses. Should I sign?

No. By signing the release and accepting the insurance company’s offer to pay your medical expenses, you are essentially settling your case with the insurance company—meaning that you will not be entitled to pursue a claim for further compensation even if your medical expenses in the future are much higher than anticipated. In many cases, the insurance adjuster will call you after your injury and attempt to pay your expenses—if this is the case, call our personal injury lawyers as soon as possible and refrain from accepting any offer. It may be a sign that your case is actually worth much more than the insurance adjuster is offering.

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I am very pleased for the great legal support that CourtLaw has provided to me and my family throughout the years we have been clients of this firm. I highly recommend CourtLaw and their team of attorneys.
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