The Most Dangerous Highways in New Jersey


No matter if you’re traveling on vacation or live in New Jersey, there are some roads that deserve a bit more caution, no matter the weather condition. In New Jersey alone back in 2015, there were 264,582 auto accidents with 60,431 resulting in injuries and 547 resulting in fatalities. Educating yourself on the most dangerous highways in New Jersey can help increase your odds of avoiding auto accidents.

Route 1

Route 1 runs from Maine to Florida with 66.06 miles residing in New Jersey. One of the most dangerous stretches of this highway is in West Windsor. The stretch of road between Alexander Road and Quaker Bridge Road has seen a large number of crashes.

Route 17

Route 17 has been around since 1942 and sees a lot of congestion in Bergen County over the 27.20-mile stretch. The roadway between Linwood Avenue and Power Drive often sees a large amount of cars causing backup and problems, which can lead to a high number of crashes.

Route 22

Route 22 runs through New Jersey for 60.53 miles. Residents know that the area in Union Township between Madison Avenue and Jefferson Avenue is sees many crashes every year because of the amount of traffic and traffic jams that occur.

Route 27

Route 27 covers several counties from Essex to Mercer as it goes for 38.53 miles within the state. People that live around Thompson Avenue through Stuart Place know that this area is prone to higher numbers of accidents.

Route 37

While Route 37 is one of the shortest at 13.43 miles in New Jersey, this route in Ocean County can be highly dangerous. This is often from the large number of people traveling in this area for their vacations over the summer months. Expect the area between Barnegat Bay and Thomas Street to often see the most of this congested traffic.

Being vigilant and careful can only go so far in staying safe on the roadways, as you don’t have any control of the other aspects that surround you when driving. Accidents can happen to anyone, and if you have been involved in an accident due to the negligence of another, protect yourself by getting the best legal representation you can find. Contact attorney our firm founder at CourtLaw today to discuss the facts of your case.

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