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Don’t Let Social Media Affect Your Case

Don’t Let Social Media Affect Your Case


In our modern digital age, it is increasingly accepted and even encouraged to share a wide range of personal information and opinions online. An individual’s online presence and digital footprint have become so significant that it’s often scrutinized by potential employers, colleges you’ve applied to, your insurance provider, marketing groups and even credit score agencies. The majority of the public is either accepting of this fact, or they are willfully ignorant about the potential dangers of forfeiting their right to privacy. One of the most crucial periods of time to maintain a high level of privacy is when you are fighting a legal battle in court. Anything you post on social media, whether restricted to a “friends-only” list or not, can be used as evidence in the courtroom.

Social media posts can be used against you in a personal injury case to refute your claim. When you are seeking compensation from the responsible party, their defense team will almost certainly analyze any information they can find about you online to build a case against you. In a recent case, one student’s personal injury claim in a sexual abuse case was denied after social media posts indicating alcohol use and partying surfaced. Defense attorneys argued that such behavior contradicted the plaintiff’s narrative of being a traumatized sexual abuse victim, and the plaintiff was not awarded compensation.

If you have recently been injured and plan to pursue a legal case in court, then don’t let your social media impact your case. It’s in your best interest to seek out an experienced attorney that will advise you on how to protect your privacy and other rights throughout your legal battle. CourtLaw’s personal injury attorneys are intimately familiar with the social media strategies defensive attorneys frequently use in court, and we know how to protect you. To reach out to one of our attorneys today, contact our law offices at 866-632-4211 or via our online contact form.


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