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Evidence In New Jersey Truck Accident Cases

Evidence In New Jersey Truck Accident Cases

New Jersey Truck Accident CasesLarge semi-trucks are intimidating to smaller vehicles on the road because accidents involving large trucks are often terribly destructive. Injuries and significant property damage are typically the outcomes in these situations, and determining who or what is at fault can be challenging. Trucking companies are financially and legally prepared to shield their driver and fight against being declared the party at fault. You should never wage these battles alone. Instead, enlist an experienced attorney willing to fight on your behalf. At CourtLaw, we will help protect you from the blaming tactics of trucking companies, their drivers, their insurance companies and lawyers.

The trucking industry commonly uses independent owner-operators who lease their trucks to a truck company. Whether your personal injury case is against a trucking company or an independent truck driver, fault will be determined in court after a thorough review of the evidence. Therefore, it is essential that as much evidence as possible be gathered quickly by your lawyer.  The trucking companies and their insurance companies are not your friends. Do not talk to them. See a lawyer first!

Experienced Attorneys Representing the Injured From Serious Trucking Accidents Throughout NJ

An experienced truck accident attorney will understand the differences between handling a car accident and an 18-wheeler crash. In a truck accident, more evidence is potentially available from more sources but some of it must be collected quickly. For example, in similarity to many aircrafts, commercial trucks have a “black box” data recorder that keeps a continuous record of important facts about the truck itself and the trip it had been on when your accident took place. These devices monitor and record the truck’s location via GPS tracking, its speed and changes in acceleration, gear shifting, when the brakes were engaged, and trip duration. Due to the wealth of documentation it contains, the truck’s “black box” recorder may be the single most important piece of evidence that your truck accident lawyer can secure in the process of investigating your case.  If you are involved in an accident with a commercial truck, it is important to see a lawyer quickly because many “black box” systems are designed to write over information as soon as the truck is returned to service.  Delay, and all that valuable information might be lost.

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