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Holiday Driving Safety

Holiday Driving Safety


The Insurance Institute’s statistics report that New Year’s Eve is consistently reported to have the highest car crash fatalities every year between 1986 and 2002. According to experts, driving on holidays is much more dangerous than driving on other days because of the increased amount of traffic and a greater likelihood of alcohol-impaired drivers. Holidays greatly increase alcohol consumption during family gatherings, work parties, and other related events, so it’s important to be extra cautious.

Impaired drivers are the biggest concern, but a growing number of accidents are caused by distracted driving. The holiday season usually means more communication between loved ones. But you should never text, surf the web or try to operate your smartphone while driving. The holiday season also increases the amount of fatigue, pressured, and drowsy drivers trying to travel long distances. The best advice for staying safe while driving during the holidays is to remain extra vigilant, get a good night’s rest before traveling, follow the speed limits, refrain from using your cell phone, use your seat belts and always utilize the designated driver method when alcohol is involved.

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