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Justice is Served!

New Bill Overturns Haines v. Taft

In an earlier blog, we told you about a New Jersey Supreme Court case, Haines v. Taft, which, unfortunately, limited the ability of many people to recover money for their medical expenses related to an auto accident. The Haines case was bad news for many people injured in auto accidents and, ever since that case was decided, personal injury lawyers such as the ones here at the Law Offices of Karim Arzadi have been arguing successfully in court trying to limit, as much as possible, the negative effects of Haines

Now, we’d like to share with you some good news!!! No, GREAT news!!!!!

New Bill Results in Drastic Changes

On August 15, 2019, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, signed a bill which “overturns the Haines decision effective immediately. ”  That same day, the Governor also signed another bill which provides that the money a doctor can charge for services related to your motor vehicle accident will be decided by the Commissioner of Banking & Insurance. The doctor who treats you must accept that amount for his or her services. The really good news about that is your doctor can’t come after you looking to get more money out of your judgment or settlement. That practice, called “balance billing” is expressly prohibited by the second bill Governor Murphy recently signed.

After the Haines decision, the experienced personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Karim Arzadi fought in court against the big insurance companies to prevent the rights of accident victims from being eroded any further. Now, with Governor Murphy signing laws which restore rights taken away by Haines, our lawyers will fight just as hard to be sure that your recovery is maximized.

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For over a decade, Karim Arzadi has represented me and my family on matters related to car accidents and personal injury cases. I am extremely satisfied with the work he has performed. In addition, I have found his staff to be professional and friendly. I highly recommend him to those seeking for a good lawyer.

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