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Liability In New Jersey Car Accidents with a Borrowed Vehicle

Liability In New Jersey Car Accidents with a Borrowed Vehicle

New Jersey personal injury attorneyCar owners need to understand liability laws when they decide to loan out their vehicle to prepare for the possibility that the borrower could be involved in an unforeseen car accident.

Car Insurance In New Jersey

It’s a common misconception that car insurance is attached to the driver who owns the policy rather than the vehicle the policy covers. In contrast, insurance follows the vehicle that is insured regardless of who is in control of the car. It’s crucial for car owners to understand that loaning out their car also means loaning out your car insurance policy. If you willingly allow someone to driver your car, then you are ultimately taking responsibility for their actions.

Liability Laws in New Jersey

New Jersey’s laws require drivers to carry personal injury protection insurance that will help go towards medical bills when someone is injured in an accident. This insurance can be used regardless of who is at fault, but this type of protection does follow the driver and not the car. If someone borrowed your car, then they may have their own personal injury protection insurance that will cover them. If not, then you may be held liable. There are a number of steps you need to take after you or a friend has been involved in a car accident in your vehicle that will help protect your rights.

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The complicated nature of pursuing car insurance claims is beneficial for insurance adjusters, but it makes it difficult, time-consuming and frustrating for the average American to receive the just compensation they deserve after an accident. Our attorneys at CourtLaw will help you determine your legal options, speed up the negotiation process and ensure the payback you receive matches the real-life losses you’ve endured. Fill out our contact form to hear back from one of our professionals as soon as possible.


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