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Maximizing Your Workers Compensation Claim

Maximizing Your Workers Compensation Claim

New Jersey workers compensation lawyerWork-related injuries can be devastating, life-changing and expensive. Prior to the passage of worker’s compensation laws, workers often suffered life threatening and catastrophic injuries without any type of recourse. Employees injured on the job had to prove that their employers had been negligent to be awarded any compensation, but proving a standard of care for dangerous occupations like factory work or coal mining was nearly impossible. Eventually, governments and states created workers compensation laws to help provide lost wages and other benefits to injured workers.

Workplace Injuries in New Jersey

When you are injured while working, immediately report the incident to your manager. Laws require employees to report injuries within a timely manner. Don’t hesitate or delay seeking prompt medical treatment. Even when you think your injuries are minor, a medical exam is important documentation and evidence that an incident occurred. Familiarize yourself with state rules regarding benefits like medical treatment, temporary or permanent disability benefits and mileage that you may qualify for.

When you’re pursuing a worker’s compensation claim, it’s important to remain vigilant about potential tactics your employer’s insurance company may attempt to use against you. Be prepared to be seen by the insurance company’s doctor to receive an independent medical examination. Don’t allow this doctor to minimize your injuries. In some cases, insurance companies will hire a private investigator to watch you or browse your social media posts. The investigator will try to find evidence that contradicts your worker’s compensation claim.

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An employer will often voluntarily pay your claim, but you may need to hire an experienced workers compensation lawyer to argue your case when it is complex, lengthy or contested. Our attorneys at CourtLaw can assist you in valuing your claim, negotiating with insurance companies and representing your in the event you need to appeal a denial of benefits. To speak with one of our experienced attorneys, call our office at 866-632-4211.

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