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NJ Transit PTCThe train is one of the world’s greatest inventions for mass transportation. It can get you from one state to another rather quickly or be your choice of transportation for your daily commute. But like all technology, a train comes with its own safety risks that need to be addressed. An unfortunate incident where a commuter train sped to twice the speed limit before crashing through a concrete bumper and killing a woman while injuring 110 others is just one example of an associated safety risk.

That is why NJ Transit is in the process of installing a railroad safety system. Recently, the NJ Transit Board of Directors voted to allocate millions more for the Positive Train Control System (PTC), which has already coast $320 million. The additional amount to be added is $12.7 million.

PTC Designed to Prevent Accidents

PTC is a safety system designed to stop a train if the operator fails to obey signals or the speed limit. This requires the railroad to develop systems for computers on the trains to communicate back and forth with signals via radio. PTC will monitor train speed and whether or not operators are taking action to slow down for yellow or stop at red signals. The train’s computer will send a communication to the next traffic signal to determine if it was going to stop or if the train is speeding. Should the train operator fail to slow down or stop in a specific distance, PTC will take over and do just that.

This type of safety system is said to have been able to prevent the aforementioned incident that killed a woman and injured 110 others. Many suffered catastrophic injuries in the accident, leaving them unable to work and facing medical bills on medical bills. The only silver lining in these types of incidents is the fact an experienced personal injury lawyer can hold the responsible parties accountable for their negligence.

NJ Attorneys Can Help with Your Catastrophic Injury

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