Top 8 Causes of Car Accidents


In the United States, there were 32,166 fatal traffic accidents which resulted in 35,092 deaths in 2015. That doesn’t count any traffic accident that didn’t involve a fatality. Here are the top eight causes of car accidents today:


One of the most common causes of traffic accidents is people driving above the speed limit.

Texting and Cell Phone Use

Mobile phones have created quite the problem on the roadways and are a real danger. Texting and driving create distracted drivers. In fact, some areas have laws against texting and driving, and some individuals who have caused auto accident fatalities due to texting and driving are being charged with manslaughter.

Distracted Driving

Drivers don’t need a mobile phone to be distracted. Drivers may become distracted by smoking, eating, putting on makeup, dealing with passengers, trying to pick up an item dropped, or even changing the radio station. Any action that takes your eyes off the road can cause an accident. Distracted driving is said  to kill more people on New Jersey roads than anything else.

Lack of Sleep

Something as simple as not getting enough sleep at night can cause accidents as drivers can nod off for a moment or completely fall asleep at the wheel.

Driving Under the Influence

Drunk drivers and drivers taking narcotic substances are impaired when driving, which can lead to deadly mistakes being made.


Ever notice after an accident, both sides of the road will slow down? One side is usually due to the accident itself, but the other side is usually because people are stopping to look. This is the textbook example of rubbernecking. This occurs when people are looking at something outside of the car and not the road, which can cause additional accidents.

Car Problems

Defects in car parts, such as tire defects, can play a role in accidents. Defects in safety equipment, such as seat belts, can result in more crashes being fatal.


Weather conditions can also pose a danger. Icy roads, a rain storm after a long period of dry weather creating slick conditions, and high winds can all contribute to problems with the roadways that can contribute to accidents.

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